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Improving leadership capability within any organisation

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Corporate team building training

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Prepare for and manage corporate culture change

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Spotting and managing talent within a workforce, succession planning

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Engaging employees with the organisation's culture and development

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Enhancing organisation effectiveness and empowering people to achieve their potential

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Case study - Enterprise

Enterprise, the UK's largest maintenance & front line service provider to the public sector and utility industry, employing over 13, 000 people in over 50 locations.  Lots of managers were 'doing' rather than 'leading' as many senior leaders had been promoted from the 'shop-floor' so having little formal training. This meant managers had little time for anything other than 'task'. Many managers were not consistent with their leadership behaviour which was impacting on the development of people and true engagement.

A tailor made 5 day programme was developed covering; effective leadership, developing self- awareness, coaching for results, creating a high performance team. Delivered over 6 months with practical tools to be implemented after each module. Focused individual objectives were set before and measured at the end.

The business benefit - 85% of those attended were seen by those around them to have improved their behaviour;

'Xxx seems to be more structured and measured in his approach - his communications are more rigorous and he seems to be generally more rounded - A considerable change in a short period of time...'

'This course offers a new dimension to your thinking and develops managers to be more focused on themselves and others'

Encourage & develop individual leadership skills.

Tailor-made leadership training courses to improve the effectiveness of anyone managing people, or having to work with others to deliver results.  More than just a lot of theory; providing practical tools which really can be applied in the work context.

Develop individual leadership skills


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