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Improving leadership capability within any organisation

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Prepare for and manage corporate culture change

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Spotting and managing talent within a workforce, succession planning

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Engaging employees with the organisation's culture and development

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Enhancing organisation effectiveness and empowering people to achieve their potential

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Salford Diocese

Case study - The Diocese of Salford

159 parishes served by 238 clergy along with 240 volunteer safeguarding representatives make up the Diocese of Salford.

Although safeguarding was seen as important to volunteers, attendance at training events was ad-hoc and measurement of the benefit of training missing.

A practical 3 year training and engagement strategy was developed leading to over 80% of volunteers consistently attending sessions. A detailed evaluation process was implemented ensuring Salford Commission could track and monitor progress against goals in a way that was easy to use and understand.

'Thank-you for the magnificent service…… you have been an inspiration and left a superb foundation for the future'  Chair of Salford Commission

Engender engagement with the corporate culture

Learn how to turn mere words into reality.  Review employee surveys results and focus on creating an environment where people give their best because they want to, not because they are instructed or expected to do so.  Enjoy painless culture change.

Corporate engagement

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