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Caritas Salford Diocese

Case study - CARITAS Salford Diocese

Formed by the merger of a number of established charities in North West England.  CARITAS focuses on providing effective help to children, families and vulnerable adults.

As a new single charity the organisation needed to develop a culture and way of working.  Developing a customer-focused mind-set, a more collaborative style of working and a commercial approach to winning and developing business, whilst retaining its catholic ethos and strong values, was a priority.  The challenge was to do this in a way that ensured the engagement and support of all employees and volunteers.

A bespoke integration and alignment workshop for senior managers started the change process.  Practical in nature and allowing for focused debate and interaction the session enabled the team to agree a vision for the future, understand how to work together and plan engaging communication for the wider team to ensure they felt involved and part of the change process.

'Alison enabled the senior management team to identify commonality in strategy and values and agree a practical way forward as one organisation. We will definitely be working with Alison again'  CARITAS CEO

Implementing change effectively

Learn the skills necessary to improve the management of change within an organisation.  Ensure that mergers or acquisitions are seamlessly integrated and aligned positively; strategically address the importance of all issues arising from change.

Managing change within an organisation

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